Sujith Jay Nair Thinking Aloud


My name is Sujith Jay Nair. I am employed at Nubank in Berlin as a data engineer. I earned a Masters in systems engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Varanasi. I did my undergraduate degree at the University of Mumbai in computer engineering. I am a contributor to multiple open-source communities; notably Apache Spark, Impala and ScalaNLP. My interests revolve around design & operations of large-scale data-intensive systems.

I have a thorough background in computer science, but I also try to think and write on organizational culture, statistics, and all sorts of randomness. This blog is a presentation of learnings, ideas, and solutions I come across, and my explorations around it.

For Potential Employers or Collaborators

This blog is a three-fold portfolio: code, technical writing, and distillations of ideas. You can use the links to my online profiles in the sidebar to contact me; while I do respond on every profile listed, I am way more responsive on Twitter.