Sujith Jay Nair Thinking Aloud

Datomic with Rich Hickey

This talk is an introduction to Datomic, by its creator Rich Hickey. My notes on this talk are linked below:

Open Core : How Did We Get Here?

Open source is considered an exemplar of the ‘private-collective’ model of innovation,1 a compound model with elements from both the private investment & the collective action models.

This model was an attempt to rationalise and reason about the existence of the open source software industry, and answer the question: “why would thousands of top-notch programmers contribute, without apparent material incentives, to the provision of a public good?”.2

This essay revisits the assumptions of the private-collective model, in the cloud-compute era, to understand the surgent phenomena of the open core revenue model in the commercial open source software industry. This is of particular significance in view of the perceived siege of the open source model by cloud vendors.3

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Notes on Mesos

image-title-here Mesos is a framework I have had recent acquaintance with. The only other resource management framework I have prior experience with is Hadoop YARN. These are my notes as I try to make friends with Mesos (he’s a good boy!), and revisit the concept of cluster resource-management in general.

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